Whiskers New site
Two great locations to serve you!  Both are very convenient for tourists & locals.

2021 Douglas St.                                                                                Mon – Fri: 6:30am – 7pm
(250) 388-3647                                                                                 Sat:            9am – 5:30pm
email: douglas@whiskersurbanranch.com                           Sun & Holidays: closed except for boarding.

*Conveniently located in downtown Victoria, BC, at the corner of Douglas & Pembroke, it is in close proximity to pet friendly hotels, the business district & Save On Memorial Center. 
*Parking is free & accessible.
*Our boutique Ranch is bigger than it looks!


Elk Lake

5471 Hamsterly Rd                                                                             Mon – Fri: 6:00am – 7pm
(250) 590-5118                                                                                    Sat/Sun & Holidays: closed except for boarding
email: elklake@whiskersurbanranch.com

*conveniently located along the Pat Bay Hwy, accessible at the Sayward intersection.  We are right beside the iconic Elk Lake Garden Center.
*Parking is free & accessible.

Vendors & Billing:
Owner/Operator: Glenda Hamilton
Email: glenda@whiskersurbanranch.com
Phone: (250) 590-5118